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My wife in addition to myself had been living in our family compound 4 and absolute amount of time. The people I was with and myself had I thought about remodeling our family compound for months, and we also equally thought about buying a new house. The people I was with and myself were absolutely unsure of our decision, so we sat down at the table and equally provided a list of all of the positive and negative outcomes. After our exhaustive list had been completed, the people I was with and myself equally decided to make some changes to our own family compound, rather than absolutely move out and start over. 1 thing that was absolutely certain, was making some changes with our master bathroom Plumbing. The people I was with and myself had a pretty significant leak in our shower, but we were waiting to call a plumber until we knew what our decision would be. The people and myself absolutely contacted a licensed plumber, and had him come out to give us an estimate on our plumbing remodel. The plumbing remodel was to take 6 weeks time, and absolutely be the highlight of our entire home remodel project. The plumbing remodel was going to take our old dilapidated bathroom, and turn it into a beautiful master bathroom Suite. When my wife in addition to myself finally chose our plumbing provider, we started to get pretty excited about all of the work being finished. I suppose most of the time will be preparing our home for the remodel.

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