Resort HVAC unit

Recently, my girlfriend and I had won a trip to what was supposed to be this really over the top vacation resort! It was very strange how we won this. We were passing by a diner to eat at when we were on a road trip the other week, and because we ended up being the 70th customers, we won this vacation! What are the odds of that happening? So, of course we were over the moon and happy about it, and accepted the prize. We just got back from this resort taking the vacation and it was really awful! Not the place itself, that was wonderful, but the resort had totally no heating or cooling system working! It is getting pretty cold outside, and heating is needed this time of year, and the heater was not working in the resort! We ended up having to go out and buy a few portable space heaters at a store near the resort, just so we could be warm and nice in the evening hours while we slept. The space heaters we bought did actually warm up the hotel room we had at this resort, but it was otherwise really not good. I always get allergies for some reason when having to be around and rely on space heaters to heat a place. I’m not so bad with portable air conditioning systems in the summer time months, but, portable heaters really flare up my allergies! Needless to say, we had an ok time, but without heating, it made it a real task to enjoy ourselves. You get what you pay for, I guess! That’s what they say, right?

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