Restaurant climate control

My child has a realoverheatedtemper, however the two of us still love him no matter what happens.

The other afternoon, the two of us decided to eat out at a nice restaurant as a family, however my child was saying that the temperature control settings were off, even though I thought the temperature control settings were fine, he kept asking the waitress if they could turn up the a/c a little bit.

The waitress said he would see what he could do, however some guy commented on the a/c & said the temperature control settings were just great & that our child should quit asking about that. This actually made our child mad & he started a little fight with this guy at the restaurant. My child got so angry, he got up & he was storming over there to punch this guy in the face. Immediately I saw what was going on & I stopped our son. I told the waitress that the temperature control settings were great & the two of us needed our food to go along with the check. I didn’t want to see our child go to jail that evening because of this guy that was making him mad. Then the guy kept talking trash & finally I got mad & went over there & pushed him out of his chair. My child instantly was behind me & the guy seemed scared to say anything else! He particularly apologized for giving us a hard time, & the two of us opted to go on our way with no more trouble… When the two of us were in the car, I decided to crank up the a/c so our child could assume more comfortable. He thanked me for having his back.


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