Retired athlete staying in shape

At one time, I made my living as a professional athlete.

The fitness regiment that I followed was extremely intense.

Along with strenuous practices, there was continual conditioning and weight training. I needed to remain in peak physical shape to not only be as effective as possible on the field but also avoid injury. Maintaining a high level of stamina and muscle was very important. Now that I’ve retired, I’ve been able to relax my fitness requirements just a bit. I’m able to take time out to play golf, spend time with my family and take vacations. However, I still want to remain in good physical shape. I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Knowing I might tend to get a little lazy if left on my own, I still workout with a personal trainer. The style of workout has changed quite a bit. I no longer concentrate so much on building more muscle or achieving a high rate of speed. Now, I’m more concerned with keeping fit and trim. I don’t lift as heavy of weights and spend more time on cardio workouts. I still dedicate a significant amount of time to properly warming up, cooling down and stretching. I don’t want to lose range of motion. I still enjoy working up a good sweat and getting my heart pumping. Although I’m no longer pushing myself as hard or striving toward the same kind of goals as I once did, I continue to feel a sense of accomplishment after every workout. It gives me the energy to pursue active hobbies, such as cycling, kayaking, rock climbing and tennis.

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