Roller skating rink

My friends and I decided to go away for spring break this year. We made reservations to get a hotel room for the entire week. My friends and I decided to go to the beach, where the weather would be warm, sunny, and humid. On the day we arrived to our destination, we found out that a tropical storm was looming in the area. There was no Sunshine anywhere, and the temperatures were only in the 70s. The beach was closed to patrons, because of the wave heights and rip currents. My friends and I had planned on spending our whole week at the beach. With the beach closed due to weather, we had to find something else to occupy our time. My friends and I hopped in the car and drove around town. We stumbled upon a skating rink. My friends and I had not been roller skating since we were small children. We decided to go inside and check things out. The lights were turned down and strobe lights were flashing everywhere. There were only a few folks inside, so we decided to stay. We rented some roller skates and started moving around. Luckily, the skating rink had the A/C running. It was muggy, humid, and raining outside. Inside, we were cool and comfortable. We could feel cool air coming down from the A/C air vents, as we rolled around the skating rink. When we got tired, we went to the snack bar to sit down and have a burger. The indoor air quality at the snack bar was also superb, and there were plenty of A/C air vents to distribute the cold air.

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