Roommate is trying to adjust to new job

One of my housemates is fighting off a cold at the start of fall, and it has nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with his new job. He just started last week working in one of the most stable areas of the workforce today–medical testing. His job is to sort and deliver the many different lab samples that come into his testing facility every single day. Each sample has its own unique needs regarding temperature control storage and processing. Some will remain stable for a comfortable amount of time that he doesn’t have to worry about them. Other samples however are both incredibly fragile and difficult for a doctor to draw from the patient–these are the samples that must be rushed by hand to their destination ASAP. While the stable samples can be trusted to robots, the more delicate samples are still only entrusted to actual human beings. He loves that he’s always on his feet rather than at a desk, but all of the running around is getting him sick. Each laboratory has its own unique thermostat setting within the building HVAC. Some laboratories need more central heating to keep the test viable, others need to be incredibly cold. The most drastic was when he went from a lab that was set at 70, to another more dangerous testing area where the thermostat was kept at 60. Moving from one room to the next makes it hard from him to regulate body temperature. He’s hoping that by taking more vitamins and wearing a hoodie under his lab coat, he’ll start adjusting to the drastic changes in HVAC temperature settings soon.

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