Roommate made her room an accidental ice box

One of my roommates has been complaining for weeks that the house is just too cold for her. She never leaves her room, only for dinner and when someone tells her that she needs to do a few dishes and help out with the chores. Rarely, she cooks. We couldn’t figure it out–how can she complain that the house is too cold all the time if she never even spends any time in it? Finally, we decided to get to the bottom of it. My fellow housemates and I waited until she went to work, and then we went into her bedroom. She always keeps it closed and gets upset when someone even just knocks to see if she wants food, and that day we saw why. Her room is a total pig stye! There’s boxes of crackers and cookies all over, and you can’t even see the floor for all of the clothes on it. She had made such a mess of her bedroom that she had managed to block all of the registers and the baseboard radiators. In doing so, she was blocking the air flow from the HVAC ducts, cause her room to get cut off from the household oil boiler central heater. We ended up texting her that she should be sure to keep the registers in her bedroom, and offered to help if she needed to move furniture or stuff to keep them from being blocked. None of us are are certain if she’s going to actually clean her room to be warmer or not, but we made one thing clear–we’re not paying for to crank the oil boiler up higher just because her room is a mess.

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