Running a snow cone business is hard when there’s no A/C

A local neighborhood hired me to give out snow cones at their summer parade this year.

  • They have a little community center where they do events from time to time.

Sometimes they have movie nights or dances, and the kids in the neighborhood love it there. Today, my oldest daughter and I took our snow cone machine and supplies up to the community center because they paid us to hand out 200 snow cones at their summer kick-off parade. Of course, today happened to be a real scorcher outside. The weather has been heating up for a few days, but I’m pretty sure that today, the outside temperature was around ninety degrees. When you’re working inside a little community center and the temperature outside is hot, you get pretty sweaty. Combine that with the fact that the A/C in the building wasn’t working correctly and you get a miserable time! Since we were making snow cones, we were using lots of ice. And since there was no air conditioning, the ice melted at an alarming rate! As a matter of fact, without A/C, the ice melted so fast that we ran out much faster than normal. Not because we made too many snow cones, but because the ice turned into puddles on the floor! I explained what was happening to the coordinator of the event and she said that the HVAC unit had stopped working the day before but they had not had time to get the HVAC technicians out to service the unit yet. At least she took pity on us and sent someone out to get extra ice!

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