Running electric heater in empty house –

My husband and I have lived our entire lives in the northern part of the country.  We got tired of dealing with excessive snow and temperatures down to twenty below zero.  We finally bought a small house down south, where we spend our winters. We typically leave right after Christmas and remain at our vacation home until early April.  Our house in the north is rather old, and isn’t equipped with conventional ductwork. We have a natural gas fireplace in the living room and a small, ventless electric heater in the kitchen.  The gas fireplace is quite reliable, safe and energy efficient. The ventless kitchen heater requires a great deal of maintenance. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly or the little heater refuses to shutdown.  It simply blasts at maximum capacity, and there’s a very real concern of it overheating. I worry about it possibly causing a fire. When my husband and I leave for the winter months, we turn the natural gas fireplace down to the lowest setting and shut off the kitchen heater entirely.  However, we’ve asked my mother to keep an eye on our house. I simply want her to walk around the house once a week, flush the toilets and water my plants. Instead, she visits the house every single day, and insists on running the kitchen heater. She’s afraid the pipes are going to freeze.  I’ve begged her not to run this heater and explained the potential safety hazards. I’ve even considered disabling the heater, because she won’t listen to me. As soon as we leave, she starts up the ventless heater, and I know she isn’t conscientious about cleaning the filter.

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