Running too much can prove detrimental

When I decided to get in better shape, I started running.

This seemed like a simple and straightforward way of losing weight and improving my fitness level.

At the beginning, I couldn’t run very far before I’d get out of breath and need to slow to a walk. However, it didn’t take long for me to increase my speed and distance. I got to the point where I was running for anywhere between eight and ten miles every day. I should have mixed up my workouts and given my knees, ankles and feet days of rest. I definitely should have spent some money on a decent pair of running shoes. Instead, I repeated the same workout day in and day and subjected my feet to sneakers that lacked the proper arch support. Eventually, my feet started to hurt. It felt as if the tendon connecting my heels to my toes was tearing with every step. I had such pain in my arches that I couldn’t sleep and struggled to even walk. After some research online, I figured out that I’d developed plantar fasciitis. I started resting and icing my feet, while also taking ibuprofen. I also went to the podiatrist and was given inserts to place in my shoes. I started devoting time every day to stretching my feet and joints. Because I now take very good care of my feet, I’m able to run again. I take the time to properly warm up before heading out on a run. I wear a really good pair of running shoes and replace them at least once per year. I only allow myself to run three times per week and never go further than 8 miles.

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