Rushing to beat HVAC truck home

Life is a funny thing, isn’t it? It feels like just when you start to get things in order, there’s always some new challenge queued up right behind it. A new struggle to overcome, a new situation to wrap your head around. It’s all neverending. That’s my experience, anyways, especially when it comes to the minutiae of adult life. Just last week my stupid minivan stopped working – the transmission threw a temper tantrum and I couldn’t even get out of first gear one morning. I went through the hassle of arranging carpools and ordering the appropriate parts, spending the week quite helpless except for the mercy of others. Just when that whole situation is worked out, however, my home air temperature control system decided it was time to throw a wrench into my life. I woke up yesterday and unhappily discovered that the ambient indoor air temperature was about 40 degrees. I dragged myself out of bed and ran to the thermostat down the hall, pushing the increasing temperature arrows up as hard and fast as I could. The number on the monitor changed, but the heater never came on. I got ready for work in a very chilly environment and called the nearest HVAC company on my way. The heating technician told me he would be at my house around 2pm to inspect the furnace, so I literally ran out of work as soon as I could. Unfortunately, I was running quite late to meet the HVAC technician, so I may have been driving a little recklessly to get back to the house. Hence, I didn’t brake quite fast enough when the large utility truck in front of me made a hard right turn. That’s how I wound up rear-ending the HVAC technician on his way to my house, and put the minivan right back into the repair shop.

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