Rusted water heating system


    Never did I imagine that something as minimal as hard water would be such a pain in the rear. My apartment is supplied by well water plus our landlord refuses to deal with the water purifier. He tells us the water is fine, however when you look at the water purifier in the basement it says its offline. You can tell it is the moment you do anything in the apartment involving the water. The water is so hard our dishes are disgusting. We have to put an additive in our dishwasher solution just to make sure the dishes come out clean.

               We also have to descale our tea kettle plus our coffee machine every two weeks to deal with the limescale buildup in each device. In most houses, you would do this like once every couple of weeks, not within just weeks. Well, now our landlord is entirely in for it because our boiler, the central furnace that controls both the heat plus the hot water in the house, is giving us trouble. We asked him to call for an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation ASAP.

              Well, when the heating plus A/C repair provider got here, he was quick to spot the problem. Like everything else in the house, it’s the hard water once again. The hard water has caused limescale to build-up in the boiler, which is why it’s been so awfully loud lately. I’m glad its not totally broken, however this is stupid. If our landlord just fixed the purifier, he wouldn’t have to pay for an Heating and Air Conditioning repair at all.

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