Saving money on AC

When  money is tight, I know how to cut back on both the big things and the little things. I have to eat, of course, but if need be I can always survive on Raman noodles or tomato soup. I have to go to work, of course, but if I have to I can take the bus, which is free, and save that money on gas and parking. Around the house expenses are a little harder to deal with, for me, because when I am home I prefer to be comfortable. I can watch TV on my laptop, I can take cold showers instead of hot, but it is very hard for me to cut back on my air conditioning. My central A/C is one of my favorite parts of being home, even if it isn’t deathly hot outside. Coming from from a long day, kicking on the AC system, and relaxing under one of the air vents is a high point of any of my days! I don’t run the HVAC when I am gone, but the utility bills are getting a bit high so I needed another way to cut back. Someone told me to try shutting off all the air vents in my house except for one room, and to stay in that room. This made a lot of sense of me, after all if I am not using AC for most of the house, my monthly bill should plummet. It turns out my utility bill on dropped by 10%, so the air vent idea did not work out like I wanted.

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