Saving money on heating:

I am somewhat of a hoarder and my wife can’t stand the fact. I am not talking like in the extreme way in which they make television shows out of, but more in the modest way where I like to gather resources and not use them. I figure it’s better to have and not need than it is to need and not have. This way I make sure I save every dollar I can and spend – most of the time – only when it helps me save even more. Of course, I like a little luxury here and there. Such as with the climate control in my home. However, just because I like my home a little toasty in the winter, doesn’t mean that I am wasteful here either. First off I make sure my furnace filter is replaced regularly. Since windows lead to a lot of heating and cooling inefficiency, not only do I keep my windows shut at all times, but I also have caulked around them. I also have found it to be important to clean the furnace registers and keep them free from any and all obstruction. To keep my heater from working more than it has too, I even go so far as to keep the shades open or closed depending on the orientation of the sun. Doing all that, I still have my furnace inspected regularly by a HVAC repair company. Many of these practices pay off in the summer time as well ensuring that my heating and cooling costs never mean I have to spend much more than I can stomach.

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