Saving money on our heating bills

I live way up north, and  winter season is typically brutal.  My wife and I get hit with freezing cold temperatures far below zero, bad wind chill, and an excessive amount of snow.  The two of us try to remain inside as much as possible. Because of this heating our home is severely important. The oil furnace has an immense impact on our comfort, safety, health and budget most of the year.  The two of us need a heater that maintains an even temperature and operates efficiently. The cost of heating takes up the majority of the budget, & energy waste is a big concern. I currently have a forced air gas oil furnace installed in my home, and I am disappointed with it. The oil furnace uses air to blow heat into the rooms through vents linked to a duct system.  As the heated air passes through the duct system, it picks up dust and all types of bacteria, then spreads them throughout my home. My wife and I then breathe in these pollutants,which puts our health at risk. Plus, when the heated air flows out the vents, it rises straight up to the ceiling. It’s no surprise that the floor is freezing, and the ceiling is not. This not only makes our home uncomfortable, it leads to higher utility bills. I would love to rip out the HVAC duct & oil furnace & update it with a boiler & radiant flooring. The project would create a big mess, require a whole bunch of teardown and cost me a fortune. In the end, I’d have a better oil furnace, save money on my daily heating bills, and enjoy superior comfort.  

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