Scheduled installation of the HVAC

My mother had loads of old wives’ tales that she believed wholeheartedly. She believed that if your ears were ringing, it meant someone was talking about out (right ear, they were saying good things, left ear, they were saying bad things). Mom also believed that if you spilled salt, you had to throw some over your left shoulder to avoid bad luck. But one of the craziest things she believed and really emphasized to my siblings and I was that walking barefoot on a cold floor would give you a kidney infection. This was insane to my brothers and sisters and I, but every person in my mom’s family believed it! We lived in a very warm climate, which made the wives’ tale even sillier. When my mom heard that her friend had gotten new heated flooring installed, my mom was quick to get the name of the HVAC technician who installed it. Mom called the heating and cooling company that same day and scheduled an installation appointment as soon as she could. She would never have to worry about chilly kidneys again after the HVAC technician installed those luxurious heated floors. When the installation was complete, Mom couldn’t believe how nice it was to walk barefooted on nice warm floors all the time. My brothers and sisters and I were relieved to no longer be harassed about always wearing socks, when all we wanted to do was to cool off in the air conditioning. My mom could have her heated floors and warm feet, and we could have our air conditioned faces. Everyone was happy!

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