Seal up to save on Heating and Air Conditioning

There are just so multiple things going on with our house that I either no nothing about or doesn’t hold my interest.

There are afternoons I lie awake looking at my ceiling trying to contemplate all the little things that go into a house. If I let it, these thoughts and genuinely stress me out. So, I do my best with what I have and attempt to be proactive. The best way for me to become proactive is focus on preventive service. Lately, I have been focusing on lightening the demands on our Heating and Air Conditioning system. The utility costs are rising and I want to do all I can to hold the line on our budget. The doors and windows are where I first started. There were still some single paned windows on the minute floor that I had not replaced. I wanted to be sure that our condo was sealed up with double paned windows throughout the house. I gave all the windows a really good sealing with some silicone as well. Our entry door is modern and well fitting. All I had to do there was replace the worn out weather stripping. Then I learn an article about how much Heating and Air Conditioning efficiency is lost through ancient HVAC duct. It stated that the average condo can lose up to 30 percent of Heating and Air Conditioning treated air. The ducts sag which creates gaps between joints. I called the heating and cooling people and asked that they come out to check the ducts. They will wipe all of them, as well as, reseal all the joints.
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