searching for the right room to rent with heating plus air

Without much money, I realized that the only thing I could afford to rent would be a room. As much as I wanted my own apartment, I knew that was not going to happen. Besides, with working full time, plus going to college full time, I figured I would not have a lot of time to spend in my new home anyway. I assumed that 1 rented room would be the same as the next so I hoped I would find a locale soon. Well the first 2 rooms I checked out turned out to be terrible. The first 1 had no heating or air. The house didn’t even have a shared central Heating plus A/C system. I would have to buy my own window air conditioner unit plus space heating system for my room. I can’t afford that. The next room I looked at had all sorts of unusual rules. For example, I can’t use the kitchen other than the microwave plus have to use my own dishes. Thankfully, the next room I checked out was perfect. They had no unusual rules plus the room had its own heating plus air conditioner already installed. It has this method called a ductless mini-cut unit. It is kind of love a window unit however it provides both heating plus air conditioner plus it doesn’t take up window space. Instead, there is a hose that takes the heated or cooled air from the outside component into the room, through the wall. This means that I have a window plus can see some sun however will stay comfortable, oh, plus I can use the kitchen too.
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