Secret to successful AC and furnace repair company

When I was 16, I started working with my neighbor. He owned a small furnace repair business. He was getting older, and it was becoming difficult for him to carry all of the heavy tools and appliances. He needed someone to help every day after School. I spent some time cleaning up and organizing old parts, and I spent some time helping Jerry with furnace repairs. Jerry taught me a lot about different types of heating equipment. He serviced different types of furnaces, like gas, oil, and electric. He also serviced boilers and space heaters. When I learned about Heating Repair, the air conditioner was very new technology. I didn’t learn about air conditioners until I went back to school at 25. More residential homes were asking about air conditioners, and I needed to know how to install and repair these cold air machines. After Jerry retired, he sold the business to me. My dad helped me get a loan from the bank, and the rest is ancient history. I’ve been in the A/C and heating repair business for almost 40 years now. I’m going to retire soon, and I think we will close the doors. It’s sad to close this A/C and heating repair shop, because we have been open for almost sixty years in total. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to take over the family business. I tried to convince my daughters to learn about heating and A/C repair, but they decided to go to college instead. They are both hugely successful in their own jobs. I’m proud of them, but I wish I didn’t have to see the business doors close.