Security system installed into two homes

My husband and I spent the first fifty years of our lives in the northern part of the country.

We dealt with over six straight months of cold and snowy weather every year.

We spent a great deal of time and effort shoveling snow, scraping ice off our cars and protecting our home against sub zero temperatures. We finally decided to purchase a second home down south. Now that we’ve retired, we divide our time between the two homes. This allows us to enjoy the best weather in both places. However, keeping up with the responsibility of two homes is a challenge and rather stressful. We continually worry about a furnace malfunction in the home up north resulting in water pipes freezing and bursting. We’re concerned over a potential break-in, water heater rupturing or the roof caving in. Being away from a property for six months left us vulnerable to all sorts of problems. To set our minds at ease, we invested in a home automation system for both homes. The automation system allows remote access to all of the major systems and appliances. We can make adjustments to temperature, lighting and door locks. The home automation system includes security features such as window sensors, surveillance cameras and outdoor motion-activated lights. Because of the security system, we receive emailed alerts if there is movement detected on the property. We are notified if someone walks through the yard, knocks on the door or attempts to open a window. We’re able to watch real time video to see exactly what’s happening at either house. Along with providing peace of mind, the automation and security systems also lowered our insurance premiums.


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