Seeking for comfort instead of shopping

My friend always asks me to go shopping with her. The thing is, we always go to the mall and various other places, and she never actually buys anything for the most part. I rarely see her purchase a thing and usually I buy a couple of items. So it ends up being a somewhat costly trip for me, but not for her really. After all this time, I got to thinking about it and it seems she usually asks me to go with her on days that are either really hot or really freezing. So it dawned on me that she enjoys the climate control systems at these places! When it’s snowing outside, there are a ton of people at the mall and the heating system makes the place extremely comfortable. The same is true in the summer. It can be scorching hot outside but you step into the mall and it is like a magical cooling paradise. A lot of the other stores we goto have excellent HVAC systems as well and it makes for a rather pleasant experience. I know she enjoys looking at all kinds of clothes and other things, but I definitely realize that she mostly just loves excellent climate control. It became more clear to me the other day when I was hanging out with her in her apartment. The air quality wasn’t the best as it was hot and stuffy, and she couldn’t wait to go “shopping”. For her it’s something more like relaxing with the comfort of the high powered HVAC system.

HVAC control