Seemed like a good idea until we were cold

Some people have probably never used a fireplace for its proper function.

When I was growing up, a fireplace was a major source of heat in our family home! Our new home has a fireplace and this is not at all our first home with a fireplace.

This home and our previous home were 1.5 story houses which means the upstairs is consistently a few degrees warmer than the downstairs. If it is honestly freezing and damp outdoors, both of us will make a fire to help regulate the temperature when we can. Since both of us had not yet had a fire in the fireplace at this house, this Christmas I decided to decorate the fireplace with red and white candles. A quick Pinterest search and a trip to the nearest dollar store and I was all set to decorate. The problem – our partner was not honestly fully onboard with this decorating idea. He likes to build a fire at night – and few nights ago it got honestly freezing and it seemed that our oil furnace could not keep the downstairs warm enough to suit us all evening. If both of us set the control unit high enough to keep it warm downstairs, suddenly our partner’s upstairs office will be too hot for him to perform his job comfortably. I Every one of us were attempting to regulate the Heating & A/C plan as best we could, by closing vents upstairs and wearing sweaters downstairs. Every one of us finally gave up and decided to build our first fire to supplement the heater. I cleared out the candles and we lit up the logs. The fire worked great, the problem was the fireplace was still hot when both of us went to bed and my candles melted right into the hearth when we went to bed.


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