Selling the HVAC unit

A neighbor of mine was recently looking into buying a new gas heater for her home.  She wanted it as a supplemental heating source for her garage. I work for a HVAC company and she asked me what I thought about a gas heater.  She didn’t ask for any specifics so I basically told her they were an energy efficient source of heating. I had no idea at the time, that she was going to go out and buy a used gas heater at a garage sale.  She thought it was a lot cheaper than a new heater and she really didn’t give any thought as to how it worked or what kind of gas it used. It wasn’t until the heater ignited in the garage and caused a fire, that she began to wonder if it was the heater or the gas?  The fire company told her it was the gas heater that caused the fire. They also told her she was using the wrong type of gas connection for the heater she had. The heater she purchased at the yard sale, had been set up to be used with natural gas. Natural gas and propane have different weights.  They use different sized orifices to deliver the gas to the heater. Using the wrong orifice causes the heater to get too little, or too much gas. In her case, she had chosen a bigger orifice, causing the heater to get too much fuel and it exploded. It was a lucky thing she wasn’t in the garage when it went up in flames.

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