Sending this mattress back

My mattress has recently caused me to be uncomfortably hot while sleeping! I keep waking up in the middle of the night hot.

It hasn’t always been this way, but when I bought the mattress, it was displayed as something that was superb for hot sleepers.

I used to get so hot in the middle of the night and thought that this would be a superb solution. I hoped to get my money’s worth out of this mattress, but it seems to not be the case so I will be returning it. The A/C in my apartment works well, and there’s no other reason that I should be covered in sweat at night as much as I have been. A lot of the reviews I read online about this mattress lead me to guess that a lot of other people have had the same concern with the mattress. I enjoyed the idea of a mattress cooling myself and others down at night, but now I guess it was all a hoax. I am frustrated, even though I will get over it. I have never let a mattress get the best of me, and I won’t start now. The idea of a mattress cooling myself and others down now sounds absurd that I am typing it out. I mean, do people really believe that a mattress will keep them cool and comfortable at night? An A/C might, but a mattress likely will not. In the end, all that matters is that I get my money back and that I am able to sleep without being covered in sweat at night. I hope that I won’t regret sending it back and find out that it was my A/C all along. That would be a bummer.


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