Senior health center is great for working out

Our local hospital had started advertising the grand opening of a senior health center for the past year.

The ads always mentioned how it was being built and the many features that would be included.

I heard that medical professionals would be available to oversee the activities at the center. It would provide access for testing and even minor procedures. They planned to have an exercise gym and a swimming pool for aqua aerobics. They offered yoga classes customized for senior citizens, and included meeting centers where seniors could join in for games, activities and meals. It sounded like an old folk’s home to me. On the day it opened, there were tons of people waiting to get inside the new senior center. Everyone stood out in the summer heat for almost half an hour. I wasn’t thrilled that I had left my air conditioned home to stand out in the direct sunshine and sweat. I was excited to see the gym and the health center. I was hoping to try out the yoga studio and sign up for the aqua aerobics. The senior center is conveniently located. Rather than join an expensive gym, I have free access to all sorts of workout gear and group classes. I’m able to use the pool, hot sub and sauna whenever I want. I can take advantage of the indoor track and consult with medical professionals for free. It’s a great opportunity to stay in good shape and get out of the house. I don’t usually sign up for the games and activities, but I like to participate in the yoga and pilates classes. I get a great workout and get to socialize at the same time.

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