Senior Year Trip planning

As a member of the PTA at my kids school, some of our responsibilities are fundraising and coordination class trips. When my kids were small and in elementary and even middle school, this was a much easier task.  Now, they are in High School and the trips are to bigger places and, in most cases, several days long. We are charged with the task of located places that are fun, educational, safe, and reasonably priced. It is not easy to put all four things together and it takes almost half the year just to decide where we will be going. We ended up choosing a beach town that wasn’t too far from several historical plantations down south.  This way we could use a couple of days doing tours, but, the kids could have downtime on the beach too. We needed to ensure that the accommodations were centrally located and they had adequate space and that it had all the amenities like HVAC. The Senior trip takes place around the end of June each year and the weather will be very summerlike during that time. Air conditioning will be a must at the end of a day of touring or at the beach.  Before selecting the hotel each of us went online to read the reviews to make sure that it was a good match for our group. We want the trip each year to be memorable and in a good way. If we pick a place that is not comfortable, for whatever reason, it could ruin those final year memories for so many students. This year is even more important as one of my own kids are going too.