Separate rooms for temperature control needs

Peanut butter and celery.

A rainy day and playing basketball. Some things just do go together, but weirdly work. That is how it is for my partner and I. we are the opposite ends of the spectrum on everything, but we get along. He likes spicy foods, and I like sweet foods. He wants to watch sports, and I would rather read. He watches action movies, and I go for more comedies. He pushes me to exercise, and I would rather just do yoga if anything! However, since the two of us have been a couple for a long time, one of the greatest causes of fight in our relationship is our odd temperature control preferences. My partner is a honestly small dude, and he becomes frigid honestly easily. My boyfriend always craves having the heating plan running, and if it were up to him, the two of us wouldn’t get a chance to turn it off until the middle of May! On the other end of it though, if I got to have my way, the two of us would never turn the heating plan on. Even while in the Winter, and even a hint of warmth, the two of us would be running the cooling system! It has entirely gotten to the stage where the two of us both change the setting of the temperature control throughout the afternoon to our own preferences. After one of us catches another one doing it, it causes a shouting match to rival all. A buddy of ours suggested getting a zone controlled temperature control. How would that work when the two of us spend all of our time in the same room? In order to solve this Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dilemma, we have separate relaxation areas in the modern home and installed our favorite Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component to keep us comfortable.

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