Servicing the heater

There are many times when I have trouble feeling bad for people and the stupid mistakes they make. When I hear someone tell myself and others that their cooling system is not finally working well, I have to wonder to myself about just how long it has been since they had some respected Heating plus A/C service correctly performed. I’m no longer surprised when I hear immediately from the user of a non-finally working heating or cooling equipment that they have no idea when that would have been done last.  It seems only natural to me, but then again, I guess I went to university to learn all about HVAC, so I definitely understand that if you, as the user do not change your air filter regularly, eventually, something will go wrong with your Heating plus A/C system at large. It’s only a matter of time. When was the last time you can recall increasing your AC cooling system filter? There you are. If you can’t remember doing it, you easily did not do it at all. So what then is happening to your dirty air filter while it is in use?  I will go ahead and tell you that it is helping to force the rest of your Heating plus A/C system into constantly working harder to keep you cool in the summer season or very moderate in the Winter season. You most absolutely want to change that air filter as soon as you can, every time. Go ahead plus buy more than 2 while you are at the hardware store.

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