Setting-up my will

My ex-husband, Andrew and I dated for five years before getting married. After that, we got married, and we stayed together for three years.  Unfortunately, Andrew and I eventually realized we had grown apart, and decided to become separated. While Andrew and I were both sad about it, we agreed that the divorce should be amicable. So, Andrew and I made the choice to go together to consult with  a divorce attorney about ending our marriage. Having to speak to a divorce lawyer was something of an embarrassment for both of us, but we realized it was necessary. We felt the divorce was necessary, and were no longer content to be together. We realized that the biggest issue was going to be the house we owned together.  We had bought it a couple of years earlier. Andrew and I hoped to sell it and split the funds evenly. The divorce lawyer assured us that he had a great deal of experience with these types of cases, and he was aware of all of the steps we would need to take to make sure everything was divided as fairly as possible. When all was said and done, Andrew and I were both relieved and excited that the we got through all of the legal matters that had come along with a divorce without making things worse. Now, Andrew and I are able to communicate whenever we need to, and have settled everything like adults.  Andrew and I did what was best, and the divorce lawyer made the process easier on both of us. I hope to never go through such a thing again, and I’m relieved this is now in the past.

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