She always had the heater running

My sweet hubby plus I recently decided all of us want to let our elderly Grandma come to live with us, and she can’t entirely live on her complete own safely anymore.  Plus all of us entirely don’t want to then put her into a retirement home or a nursing home. And the people I have been with and I have a very separate but affixed in-law suite at the house which has its own zone control heating plus air conditioner machine so each of us suppose that it can be a good set-up for each of us.  And we’re looking so forward to having her, even though as she was still living in her very own locale. She never ran her own central air conditioner machine as she takes this blood thinning type of medication that makes her cold all of the time. The poor thing about this was that any time all of us simply opted to go over to make a visit.  The fact there was no air conditioner running just made it very uncomfortable inside her house. However it consistently felt as though she had that old oil furnace running in there even if she simply didn’t! I can suppose the indoor air quality in Grandma’s house was actually pretty poor because she never even opened her windows to let any of the fresh air in.  Plus I am sure for a fact that she never even had her air conditioner or heating ventilation ducts cleaned by a professional Heating and Air Conditioning business. I’m so entirely hoping when she moves in with myself and others plus our hubby, the high quality Heating and Air Conditioning method along with our main media air cleaner, will help her to simply breath easy plus to think more healthy thoughts.  And even if all every one of us have our air conditioners set way too cold for her, she’ll then be able to be warm plus cozy since she will have her own zone controlled heating in her small part of the house.

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