She broke my window air conditioning unit (and my heart)

I got into a really nasty fight with my fiance the other night.

I had no idea things would escalate so much however they did.

I truthfully had no idea why she was getting frustrated over every little thing I did, it didn’t really make sense to me, and eventually she was telling me to pack up all my crap plus be on my way, and that she wanted a divorce. I was in total shock. I actually did end up boxing up a bunch of my things. Then I called her back after I left plus said I forgot to take my outdated window air conditioning unit. When I showed back up to the house, the window air conditioning component had been thrown out the window plus crashed hard to the ground. The thing was totally smashed into a bunch of small pieces plus it seemed that it would no longer be actually working at all. I was really mad because my Grandfather had given me that outdated window air conditioning component so you can see that it had sentimental value to it. I still picked it up plus ended up taking it to a repair shop. There were many times I actually drove by my old home plus I was mad because there was some other guy there already with my fiance after only a few afternoons. I realized that she must have been cheating on me plus she just wanted to be with this newer guy. While I was hurt plus mad plus going through it, I just decided to open myself up plus to transport on with my life… At least we didn’t have any kids to battle custody over, although I was still super mad that she was basically taking the home from me.

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