She called the cops

The other day when I was at the bar with some buddies, we were mostly just relaxing and playing some pool. I actually thought it was rather overheated in the bar and the air quality was a little lacking. I figured the place could use a good air purification or something to handle all of the cigarette smoke and all. So I decided to ask the bartender if she would adjust the temperature control to get the A/C working. She told me that she was not allowed to modify the temperature control. I said it wouldn’t hurt to have some A/C flowing in the place because it was blazing hot. My buddies agreed and begged her to please turn the A/C on. Even a few other people said that would definitely be nice. She stood her ground and said she wasn’t going to mess with the temperature control. My one buddy was a little wasted and decided to hop the bar to run to the back where the temperature control was located. He turned the A/C on but the bartender called the cops on him. She immediately turned the temperature control back to how it was which was a shame. The cooling air felt nice for a moment, but now it was back to being sweltering hot in the bar again. We all swore we would never go to that run-down bar again and left in a hurry before the cops arrived. We couldn’t believe it, we had the cops called on us for adjusting the thermostat.