She taught me all that I know

From the time that I was a little kid I had always admired my mother.

  • While there are amazing parents out there in the world I think that very few can compare to my mother in terms of toughness and persistence.

Like many other mothers she was an extremely dedicated and hard working person, and regardless of how busy her days were with work and other events she always made time for me and my brothers. Back when my siblings and I were still kids my mother worked full time as an HVAC repair tech. There were some weeks that she worked so many hours all she would do during the weekend was sleep all day long. Now her working that job might not sound like a big deal to people who are living in modern times, however back in the late 70’s there were almost no other women working in the HVAC industry. Back in those times it was considered unladylike for women to work in the HVAC industry, and if my mother hadn’t been so persistent and naturally gifted when it came to that line of work she most likely would have never gotten hired. My mother would most likely never admit this, but without her the path for other women getting into the HVAC industry would still be difficult and much less welcoming. With the lessons that I have been able to learn from her and seeing what she was able to do despite being told that she wasn’t good enough and wouldn’t last long I know that whatever I truly want to do I can if I keep persisting.



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