She was finally cooled down

The other day, my wife and I got into a pretty bad fight. It was the dumbest fight to be honest and it started because our HVAC system failed. It was the middle of the summer months, so it was scorching hot outside. When the cooling system failed, it became so unbearably hot inside the house. We had to use the stationary fans and ceiling fans to keep the air moving inside. We even had to open the windows even though it was hot and humid outside. My wife was really giving me a hard time and I honestly couldn’t deal with it any longer. I decided to drive off in my car. I wasn’t really sure where I was headed, but fortunately I was able to crank up the A/C in my car and it was working perfectly! I didn’t know or care what my wife was doing. She had her own car as well so she could take a drive and use the A/C also. She was yelling at me as I was driving off and there was nothing but rage in her eyes. While I was driving, I called up the HVAC company to see when they could have the cooling system repaired at my house. They said they could be there in a few hours. In the meantime I kept driving around until I came up to the beach. I decided to just go out on the boardwalk. I purchased a large umbrella so I could relax under its shade until I felt like going back home. I honestly didn’t want to go back until the HVAC technician was there ready to repair the cooling system. When I came back home, I saw that there were two different HVAC vehicles at the house. Evidently, my wife and I both called different HVAC companies to fix the A/C. It turns out that they worked together to get it fixed. Unfortunately, that cost us a little extra, but at least the cooling system was repaired and my wife had cooled down by then.