Shivering all day long

When I started up my oil furnace at the end of September, I wish I had instantly scheduled HVAC service. The heating unit made an unsettling grinding sound, blew an enormous amount of dust, and made the air smell burnt. I hoped that there was simply a bit of dust in the machine that would settle itself out. Over the next three months, I noticed a steady decline in the performance of the oil furnace. With outside temperatures extremely chilly, the heating unit was having to work hard. I raised the control unit setting, and kept the furnace running. I was forced to bundle up in sweaters and socks, and shivered from the various chilled spots and drafts throughout the house. The sound level of the oil furnace got so annoying that it woke me up in the middle of the night constantly. I finally contacted a professional HVAC corporation because of the high cost of my heating bill. I was paying an arm and a leg, but could not enjoy the benefits. The HVAC corporation took the oil furnace apart and showed me what debris had accumulated in the unit. There was a lot of dust slowing down operation as well as airflow and putting extra strain on the unit as a whole. It’s a shock that the oil furnace hadn’t overheated and quit altogether. The cleaning process went by fast, and restored the oil furnace to top capacity. The HVAC serviceman offered to come out for repair every spring to ensure that the heating unit is running perfectly. I am now convinced that professional repair will pay for itself in energy savings.  

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