Shoppers are angry without their AC

Since I was a child, I have been living in a small southern community. We are far enough from any major cities or tourist areas that all we have are a few visitors from our neighborhood. My high school graduating class only had 60 people. I had known most of these people since I was in elementary school. It’s hard to shake neighborhood gossip or to meet new people when you’re in such a small community. What bothers me more than anything is our lack of any type of business. There is one dentist and only three primary physicians in our community. There are several gas stations and mechanic shops. The only daycare center is run out of someone’s house, with play areas in the backyard. We’re pretty sure the daycare survives because she has air conditioning. Unfortunately, there is only one grocery store in a ten mile radius. They’re often out of my favorite name brands and the meat products that I like. Worst of all, is that their air conditioner is down. With just a few HVAC companies in town, getting the HVAC maintenance done has been taking quite a while to complete. As a result, walking through the grocery store to get groceries, becomes quite uncomfortable. I end up walking out with the back of my shirt soaked in sweat. I hope that our grocery store gets its air conditioner fixed soon, I don’t want to walk back into the sweltering store without the air conditioning working. The lack of air conditioning seems to be threatening the livelihood of the grocery store.