Shopping with the high heating

I used to look forward to going Black Friday shopping with my mother and kid every year.  We’d get up super early, drive to the mall, and take advantage of all the good deals. Living in the northeastern section of the country, the weather in November is easily unpredictable.  Most often, the temperature would be in the thirties or forties with snow on the ground. We’d be forced to dress up in sweaters, wool coats and Winter boots to endure the long walk across the parking lot.  Once inside the mall, we’d immediately start peeling off all of the extra layers. For some reason, every store was always overheated and stuffy. The mall overuses their commercial heating system, and the air is not only super tepid it’s also dry.  We’d constantly get a shock off of the metal racks and end up with static in our hair and clothes. Carrying around heavy coats, blazers and packages, and then waiting in long lines, was simply exhausting. My mother, daughter, and I have given up on our Black Monday tradition.  All of us now shop from home, completely online, and the packages are delivered right to our doors. Having control over the temperature control means we’re never too overheated or too cold. There’s no need to bundle up in Winter gear or deal with the crowds. No matter what the weather brings, my gas furnace or air conditioner maintains perfect comfort.  While I appreciated spending a shopping morning with my Mom and daughter, I don’t miss the baking air quality and overly high temperature of those crowded stores.

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