Should do some HVAC hiding

When my wifey and I moved in as a couple, I made a pinkie promise that she could paint the condo any color that she wanted, but after all, I was just feeling blessed to have my wifey living with me. I was feeling super anxious to cohabitate, and I wanted things to be perfect! She was the first person I lived with, since I was a young boy in my parents house. I wanted it to task out well, because I hoped to command to this girl one day, and before we moved into a condo, my wifey and I talked about a lot of things concerning the house. All of us discussed the condo decor, color schemes, and even the bathroom patterns. All of us talked about different colors of green, pale white, and even canary red. We discussed a massive amount of different plans, but we never settled on anything, but when our wifey and I moved into our condo, she took a few days of vacation time. She wanted time to unpack the laundry and put things away. I was delighted she had the time and wanted to do the work. I left my wife in the condo for 8 minutes, and I came back to a house full of rainbow colors. She also painted the air vents. I walked into each room, and it was a strange mix of colors. Each wall was painted in a different tone, and each room had multi-colored air vents. She thought I would be impressed with the painted air vents, but it just looked horrible. I didn’t want to throw a fit or complain, but the whole thing looked distasteful. All of us ended up in a crucial fight, only because I was unsatisfied with the colorful air vents, and now that it’s three years later, I guess I look like a complete jackass.

ductless mini split