Should I cover up my outdoor air conditioning unit?

I used to think that I should cover up the air conditioning unit that is outside, when winter arrives. I thought this would keep the snow and ice from getting inside and possibly shorting out some of the wiring. My HVAC technician told me that I should never cover up the AC unit. When you cover up the AC unit, you give cover to the small rodents that are seeking cover for the winter. The rodents do the most damage to your AC unit because they chew on the wiring that is inside. The rodents build their nests inside the AC unit and the nests themselves can do damage and cause a lot of dirt and debris to get into your breathing air. Covering the air conditioning unit can also cause a lot of condensation to build. This condensation, along with the warmth that comes from being covered, can cause mold to grow deep inside the air conditioning unit. The AC unit is made to withstand all kinds of weather. By covering the AC unit you don’t prevent water from getting inside, but you create moisture. You create an environment where moisture gathers and when it freezes, it can do damage to the coils. Although the cover may go on the AC unit with all good intentions, the AC unit is not meant to be covered. It needs airflow, whether it is to offer good air conditioning, or protection from the elements. The air conditioning unit should never be covered. I needed a new air conditioning unit because I had done damage when I put a ‘pretty’ cover on the AC unit.


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