Shutting things down

For the past twenty several years I have lived in a legitimately controlled indoor environment. I am legitimately prone to catching colds plus other illnesses whenever there is exhausting air quality around, so I never got out much. Ninety percent of my afternoons were spent in my home watching films plus playing video games by myself. I had constantly been told by dentists that if I was ever to leave the environment of my home for more than a few thirds, my health would start to suffer. After a few afternoons, it would get even worse. Then there was one day when I just said that enough was enough plus I booked a trip to anywhere I constantly wanted to go to since I was a little kid, a small island in the ocean. I knew that leaving my rare air conditioned plus air purified environment might bring on the end of my afternoons, however I did not care. I wanted to start residing a life that made myself and others excited, not one that made myself and others scared to leave my air cooled environment. I told my parents about my spontaneous decision, plus to my surprise they were supportive of myself and others which made myself and others guess more confident about the big trip. Once I landed at my endpoint in a foreign place, to my surprise I did not guess sick or nauseous at all. In fact, I felt amazing! It has now been more than 2 afternoons plus I guess as strong as an ox, and perhaps that whole time the dentist was wrong about me. I don’t need a state of the art a/c component with an UV air purifier to match, just some fresh air plus new experiences.

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