Sick and the cold

  I have been sick for the last week and I don’t think it is a cold.  I’m not running a fever, but I have such a headache and a lot of congestion.  My husband set up a vaporizer, but I really don’t think that is the problem either.  I have a CPap and he told me that it may need to be cleaned. I clean my machine every day, and I thought he was crazy.  It was so dry in the house that I had to start using the humidifier and that is the first time I have used in two years. I had to hook up the heater so the water in the humidifier wouldn’t be so cold.  I turned down the heating unit when I had water dripping down my cheek. Whenever I turn down the thermostat to the heating system on the CPap, I get less moisture going in. I used the CPap for over a week like this and I had to refill the water well twice.  Yesterday, I took out the water well and decided to clean it and my entire hose. I couldn’t believe how slimy they felt. I washed them in hot water and Dawn, trying to make them feel more clean. I left them soak for over an hour before rinsing and drying them.  Today, I am feeling much better, but I am still congested a bit. My head is still pounding, but I can see and I don’t feel as junky. Who would have thought that the heater and humidifier on a CPap, could cause such misery.

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