Sick Buildings Need Better HVAC

I don’t think my health has ever been a bigger concern to me than it has been while in these lockdown times.

There is nothing care about a worldwide contagion to make you stop in addition to think about and try to improve your health.

I have had a whole lot of time on my hands being locked away down here in my Heating as well as A/C controlled house. This has resulted in my continuously worried about how I can make both mine in addition to my family’s health be improved. Those who are struggling tremendously with this virus are those who have immune systems that are lackluster. While I understand how that happens, I also understand that there are plenty of actions we can take to help our immune health. Certainly, instead of returning home after work in addition to plopping down in the Heating as well as A/C comfort of my home, I could play some ball with the kids in the yard. Exercise is a sizable part of immune health. Eating healthy foods in addition to getting substantial rest is also so important to your overall and immune health. However, indoor air quality is also directly affixed to immune health. The EPA has admitted that terrible indoor air quality is the third most dangerous environmental health hazard. That is pretty shocking, so I decided that I would get proactive about decreasing that. I went out and got a much better Heating as well as A/C air filter. The cheap 1s I have been using are practically nonexistent compared to the HEPA style air filter. These air filters take hold of 99 percent of the most hazardous air detritus in our home. The result is far better air quality that isn’t making you sicker.


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