Single cold room proves to be an easy fix

When my roommate complained that her room was cold, I worried that it would take months to fix. Our landlord owns over 200 properties in the city, and our property manager is often totally overworked. Unless it’s a complete emergency, like a dead boiler or a busted pipe, he won’t get back to you for over two weeks. The last time we called to get something fixed, it took almost three months. So, instead of calling the property manager, I decided to look into it myself. I was so worried that my results would come back with information that said our boiler was doomed. But as it turns out, a single faulty radiator in a system is a common occurrence, especially with old steam radiators. The issue is that the steam radiators have an imbalance of water and need to be bled out. I found the right sized wrench on my letterman tool and was able to drain the water out of the radiator in just a few minutes, catching it in an old tupperware. I had my roommate keep an eye on it while I went downstairs to insure the water levels in the old gas boiler were also correct. By the time I came back upstairs just ten minutes later, my roommate was overjoyed to feel heat coming out of the radiator in her bedroom for the first time since moving in. I had no idea fixing the radiator for our gas boiler could be so easy, and I’m so proud of myself for figuring it out!

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