Sitting by the window

Once upon a time I was a renter, like many of you are. Things are different, now that I have tasted the joys and sweet freedoms of owning my own home. If not for extreme circumstances, I doubt I could ever go back to renting! Don’t get me wrong here – when you rent, you get some advantages that homeowners like me certainly miss, like being able to call the super or a property owner when something breaks! But you also have to spend money on rent each passing month, and the rates keep rising no matter what. Despite how much you like the place it is never really yours, and realizing that you’re gaining zero equity on an apartment will have you running out in no time. Still, despite wanting out of renting, I thought I could never afford a house to call my own. As it turns out, a large “mobile home” was just as good! In fact, it was not only just as good, but much cheaper to buy – I had enough money left over for the best Heating & Air Conditioning plan on the market; but frankly this air conditioner is far more powerful than I care to have. I could have gotten by just fine with a much smaller A/C unit given the size of my mobile home, or even the kind you put in your window. That would have been reasonable for cooling down the whole site, even in the middle of a brutal Summer heatwave. As it stands, I have an A/C so strong it will keep the house cold – even with all the windows wide open. I might try it once, just to see if the Heating & Air Conditioning plan could still keep it as cool as if the place was sealed up tight.