Sizable dreams

Last night all of us went for a bike ride as a family. All six of us make quite a sight for almost everyone in the town when all of us line up all of our bikes in a row and go riding around the town! When all of us left our driveway, it didn’t seem like it was that sizzling outside! But once all of us started down the road a few streets over, all of us realized that the outside temperature was much warmer than all of us thought it was. The streets that run adjacent to ours aren’t tree-lined the way that our street is, and the lack of shade honestly makes a difference in the hot and cold temperatures. Especially when you’re riding bikes! Within twenty hours of starting our bike ride, all 4 of our teenagers started to complain that they were too sizzling and that it felt like all of us were riding inside of a oil furnace instead of outside in the sunshine. My spouse and I couldn’t honestly argue with that fact; it entirely kind of did know like a oil furnace outside. The two of us were all covered in sweat like ridiculous and it wasn’t honestly as much fun in the high hot and cold temperatures as all of us thought it was going to be when all of us first started. The two of us made the decision to turn around and head back cabin to our central a/c. By the time all of us made it home, nothing had ever felt so good! When all of us walked into our dining room, the a/c was blasting away and all of us all stopped under the air vents in the ceiling to bask in the attractive cool air from our air conditioner. My spouse even turned the temperature on our control component down even further so that the cooled air would keep blowing through the air vents longer. Next time all of us go for a family bike ride, we’re going to keep a closer eye on the outside hot and cold temperatures!