Sleepytime tea at the end of the day

My oldest daughter is hitting her teenage years, and things have been just about as dramatic as you would expect.

She is in therapy, and has trouble sleeping, and the problem I have been encountering is that her therapist want to put her on pills. Not just a little, either, this guy is all-in with Big Pharma, I guess, because every session results in a new prescription being written for her. I do not like the idea of my girl being on 10 different pills at age 14, so I asked around about more organic, natural ways to relieve stress and sleep well. .Sleepytime tea is sort of a generic name for any kind of tea that will help you relax and get some rest. What I needed was a 100% organic sleepytime tea, so that her body and mind could relax on their own terms and not be pounded into submission with drugs. There were a 100 different kinds of sleepytime tea, and it turns out that a lot of them did say they were all natural organic tea blends. I tried them all myself first, to see which of the organic tea blends would actually make me feel sleepy. The one that hit me the hardest, and the one I liked the most, was a blend of valerian root and chamomile tea. It really did the trick, sent me to sleepytime for real, and the next morning I woke up feeling energized and refreshed. This will be the sleepytime tea I give to my daughter, I will let you know what she thinks of it!

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