Small home big HVAC feel

I own a fairly small home.  It’s not much bigger than 1200 square feet.  Square being the operative word. My home is basically a square.  The only walls are a few interior walls for the bathroom. Everything else is an open space floor plan.  I like it just fine because it’s just me and my girlfriend. If I had kids, well that would be another story entirely.  This place will be fine for the next five to eight years. Yet, I must replace the HVAC system. My house is well over twenty years old and the HVAC heat pump is the original unit.  I checked into replacing the old HVAC system with a new, more efficient heat pump. However, I ran into some bad news when the HVAC contractor came to my house to give me a quote. The entire air duct system must be replaced.  The HVAC professional indicated that the ducts were just too corroded to be salvaged. Well, that changed everything. The amount I had budgeted for HVAC upgrade would not cover new ductwork. I was afraid I was sunk and would need to reconsider everything while praying my old heat pump hung on a bit longer.  But, leave it to the trusted HVAC professional to come through for me. He suggested I go with a ductless heating and cooling system which would solve my problems. The mini split unit will hang on an exterior wall. That inside blower unit will be then be connected to the small condenser via a small hole in the wall.  He told me that I will also reap a bunch of efficiency benefits as well. And the ductless system will be a major selling point when I’m ready for a bigger home. Looks like I’m in business.

ductless HVAC