Small window a/c unit

I am so happy for my best friend.  She has finally decided to accept a proposal from the guy that she has been dating for what seems like forever.  It really has taken a long time before she has even given him a hint that she was interested in marriage. I kept telling her that she was too picky and if she wasn’t careful, her boyfriend would up and leave her and she would become an old maid.  I know that she likes her privacy, and she really just wants someone who will respect that and who has the same interest that she has. The funny thing is that the only reason she started dating this guy, was because he was a HVAC technician. It didn’t hurt that he was cute, but the HVAC tech part was a real turn-on for her.  She loves always have perfect HVAC in her apartment. She told me that she was getting tired of always paying to have the HVAC fixed. I guess she thought that if she was dating a HVAC tech, then he would be able to do all of the repairs for free, and she wouldn’t have any more worries, especially since she had bought a home of her own.  There was just a small window air conditioning unit inside, and she wanted to put in a central air conditioning unit. That’s when she found her HVAC tech boyfriend. Some women admit to marrying for love, or money, but she admits she is marrying for the free heating and air conditioning service.

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