Smaller HVAC equipment

One of my favorite things I enjoy doing is staying in hotel rooms. It’s hard to say why, exactly, there’s just something about checking into a freshly cleaned & laundered hotel room that makes me feel ecstatic. It makes me feel sort of like I’m on a getaway & like I’m incognito, and like anything could happen! I don’t know. I feel as though I’ve just had a lot of positive experiences in hotel rooms throughout the years… Nice getaways & business trips & boys’ weekends & things similar to that… Well, this past weekend I made the decision to check myself into a hotel just so I could easily relax & take some time for myself without being bothered all weekend. One of the best parts about staying in a hotel room is having your own mini Heating & A/C appliance right there in your room with you. I am genuinely picky when it comes to our heating & a/c appliance preferences. And of course, when I’m at my dwelling, someone else is regularly bugging me about the temperature that I have the temperature control unit set at in the dwelling. If I want the air conditioning appliance on, of course, they are too freezing. And if I want the heating appliance running, they complain that the heating is too freezing & they want me to turn it off. When I’m in the hotel room all by myself, I don’t have to answer to anyone & the temperature control unit is strictly under our control. I absolutely love that! If I’m too overheated, I’ll turn the hotel air conditioning appliance down to maximum freezing & if I’m too frigid, I’ll turn the heating up to maximum heat. It’s seriously the best.

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