Smart HVAC is out of my element

I am a fan of having a simple life.

I want to live a nice morning, have a good task plus a wife that doesn’t stress me out; But most of all I want to have our central heating plus air conditioner set at the same setting all year around.

This is why I appreciate an older dial temperature control over a wifi operated thermostat. The dial thermostat is so much easier to run plus set. There is no app to consider, program to set, plus things I need to do. People look at me as if I am crazy when I tell them that I have an older dial temperature control by decision. This is just the way I really want it! With a dial temperature control, all you have to do is just simply go up plus turn the big dial to the temperature setting that you want. There are no batteries to change, no hassle, just plain plus simple settings is all that is needed. It is so easy to change the settings of the central heating plus air conditioner device. I would not have it any other way, but my wife respects our decision of the dial temperature control for the central heating plus air conditioner device… She likes that controlling our thermostat is easy, and all of us don’t have the best internet at all. The wireless operated thermostat would hardly be functional. I assume a wireless thermostat wouldn’t turn on either. I would constantly not have the remote plus then just by hand adjust it. The two of us are not technologically savvy either. No way could I learn how to set week to week plans with a smart thermostat.

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